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Every home is built with BHK as basis. Similarly, Kids learning should be built with BHK as basis, in which BHK according to Thejas Vidyalyam stands for Behaviour | Health | Knowledge


People send their kids to play groups, to learn social behaviour, to get mingle with same age group of kids, and to have fun time pass.In play group there will be no teaching, but they will learn things through guidance which is apart from the school syllabus without forcing them. With the motor activities and character building activities, Play Group will make your kids to ready to Pre - School.


  • From 09.00am to 11.30am Monday to Friday
  • Age :1 ½ yrs to 2yrs
  • 1 Supporting staff for 10 kids
  • Mineral water and child friendly snacks (like milk, biscuits) will be served by us.
  • Toilet Training
  • Meet and Greet, singing, dancing, outdoor play time, social skills, indoor activities
  • Emergency medical facility shall be supported by us

People send their kids to Pre- School to prepare the kid for regular schooling of their dream school. In Pre–School we will teach the School behaviour, Preliminary knowledge on Alphabets, Numbers etc., as per the syllabus. So, the kids will be ready to face the interview / examine during regular school admission as per their parents wish for dream school.


  • From 9.00am to 12.30pm. Monday to Friday
  • Age: 2 yrs to 3 yrs
  • 1 Pre School Teacher for 20 students with one Supporting staff
  • Mineral water and child friendly snacks (like milk, biscuits) will be served by us.
  • Classroom, Indoor Play / activity room, outdoor play
  • High Scope / Play way, activity & Project based method of learning
  • Certification for Course Completion
  • Life perspective stories and character building activities
  • Toilet training at school
  • Emergency medical facility shall be supported by us

Now a days it is a compulsion to our city ladies to work in addition with their life partner after their home to meet their economic requirement / to face the high living cost / to give a better education to their kids etc.,For this situation, they want a place for their kids to be safe with a best care at least next to them. Not only for the working women, even job searching woman also need a safe place and care to search jobs and to attend interviews.For their convenience we are giving Day Care (Creche) service in Day Basis & Hourly basis also on producing necessary Identity proof of the Person who requires the Day care (Creche).

Our Day care (Creche) Features

  • 8.30am to 7.30pm homely care, Monday to Saturday
  • Age: 12 months to 18 months – Complete Day care
  • Age: 18 Months to 3.5 Yrs – Play Group / Pre-school with After school care
  • 1 dedicated supporting staff for 5 kids
  • Diaper free care for the kids under our care
  • Food for Forenoon session (Up to lunch like Milk, Snacks, fruits) to be provided by Parents
  • After lunch to evening Milk, Snacks, Egg, Sprouts will be served by us
  • We will take care on medication if required by producing prescription
  • Scheduled immunization / vaccination supported on request
  • Periodical observation on Height – Weight, & Motor activities
  • Emergency medical facility shall be supported by us

Parents who wish to leave their kids on day care after their regular school time will be considered as after school care.We also provide Indoor / Outdoor Play activities, reading assistance and support.


  • From 12.30pm to 07.30 pm. Monday to Saturday
  • Age: 2 yrs to 6 yrs
  • Mineral water, Evening snacks (like Milk, Biscuits, Sprouts, Egg, Bread) will be provided by us
  • Reading Corner, Homework assistance and exam support
  • Indoor/ Outdoor activities between 04.00 pm – 6.00 pm
  • Tiffen (like idly, dosa, chappathi, Breadomlet) will be provided on request, for the kids whose spay after 6.00 pm
  • Emergency medical facility shall be supported by us



Eco cum Child Friendly Environment

We maintain an Eco-Friendly, Naturally ventilated, insect protected environment for the kids. The campus is maintained with high standard of sanitation and hygiene.

Good Care & Attention:

Nobody can care a child better than their parents. We will stand next to you. The best care for your kid is assured and nobody will beat / behave harsh to any child here under our care. For Support staff ratio details kindly refer under required service details above.

Nappy Free Care:

Happy to say that we are giving diaper free care i.e. we are not using diapers to kids during the period under our care. In addition with Bed and Mosquito net, Milk, Snacks (Like Biscuits etc.,), Egg(optional for Non-vegetarians), Sprouts will be provided by us. To know the supporting staff ratio, kindly refer your required services details given above.

High Scope Syllabus:

Our education philosophy is Play way, Activity based & Project based Learning. Our approach towards kids is Health, Habit and Knowledge. Our school is certified for using approved syllabus by bubbles. Click to know more

Teaching Aid:

One teacher for 20kids with 1 supporting staff. We facilitate with an Audio Visual teaching Aid for smart way of learning in addition with conventional Blackboard teaching.

Safety measures:

The campus is secured and protected by gated compound wall. Fire safety measures are complied as per Fire & Rescue law. Safety flooring for indoor play area and chemical free sand for outdoor play area. Building electrical safety is taken care.

Health & Hygiene:

We are proud to say that, our campus is complied with Health & Sanitary department approval for your kids better health & hygiene. In our campus, First Aid facilities and emergency medical care are provided at its necessity. With our commitment towards the hygiene, the area & drainages in the front of campus is cleaned regularly.

Spacious & Separate Play Areas:

Well entertained and fun filled Indoor play area will keep your kids happy and joyful. In recent trends the outdoor playing is vanishing in cities and hence we try to provide such spacious and equipped outdoor play area, which is one of the greatest attractions of our campus.


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